MSeg Documentation

MSeg is a framework for the ArmarX robot development environment, built to run and evaluate motion segmentation algorithms.

It provides the core functionality to easily integrate motion segmentation algorithms written in various programming languages. To integrate a motion segmentation algorithm, a supplied Programming Language Interface (PLI) can be used.

For more information about the structure of MSeg, please refer to the architectural overview.


If you encounter a problem in the documentation or in MSeg, feel free to open a new issue in the issue tracker or send an email to incoming+h2t/kit-mseg/ (this will create an issue in the issue tracker).

Installation and Setup

Guides on how to compile MSeg and the PLIs from source.

Integrate a Motion Segmentation Algorithm

Guides on how to integrate a motion segmentation algorithm into the core module.

If you are indecisive about the programming language, we would recommend to use Python.


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The source code of the MSeg framework is licensed under the GPL 2.0 License.